Travel St Louis MO And Stop By These Top Places Of Interest

Travel St Louis MO And Stop By These Top Places Of Interest

The city of St Louis MO is going to wow you. Entertainment, cultured experiences and lots of history await you and your family. If you’ve never traveled The Gateway City, your trip there is going to be very exciting. The following four places are adventures you might want to have as you plan out your vacation in The Gateway City.

Located at 516 South Kirkwood Road is a place called The Magic House. The Magic House features a children’s museum that is supposed to be a lot of fun. There is a pizza parlor there on site, too. Some of the reviewers say the place is more for the younger kids, and other people say that the older kids like it, too. You know your children and what they will enjoy. Stop by The Magic House if it sounds like a plan.

Tower Grove Park is one of many parks in St Louis that you might want to visit. Make your way to Grant Boulevard, and enjoy a nice nature walk. There are pavilions there, cute bridges and more. People say that there is also live music on the weekends, as well as a Farmer’s Market. This neighborhood park is said to be beautifully landscaped.

There are also many theaters to visit when you are in St Louis. One of them you might want to stop by is the Tivoli Theater. Located on Delmar Boulevard, the Tivoli Theater is a historic theater that is great for catching a movie. The theater is always showing different movies than you would find at regular theaters, and so it would make for a unique adventure. The Tivoli Theater was built in 1924.

The National Blues Museum would also be cool to visit. Its location is 615 Washington Avenue. The museum is said to be quite interesting and feature some interactive exhibits. If you are a fan of the blues, you will find this place very interesting. I see that according to reviews, there is also live music scheduled at times on the weekends.

You’re going to really have fun vacationing in St Louis MO. It’s one of the best US cities to visit. Make sure you plan on doing as much as you can while you’re there. Take your time though, and enjoy the sites and sounds. St Louis MO is such an interesting place, and you will enjoy every minute of your travels.