5 Things To Look For In Apartments In St Louis MO

5 Things To Look For In Apartments In St Louis MO

When it comes to searching for the perfect new home, you will be faced with a number of obstacles such as selecting the right apartment community, location, and learning to stay in budget. Just an initial online search will yield a number of apartments for rent in St Louis, which is why we have compiled five tips to help you decide!

1. On Budget

Before you even begin your search, you need to know how much you can reasonably spend without going over your budget. Collect your pay stubs and take notes of your monthly spending! It is much better to be realistic about apartments in St Louis MO for rent in terms of pricing, than to fill out an application form that gets denied.

2. Good Community

No one wants to live in a broken down apartment community, and though many look good outside, they have serious problems with the tenants. Drive by the apartment complex several times during the week. Weekends when everyone is home and early evenings are a good time to gauge what kind of people live in the complex. It also gives you a solid idea of just how noisy the area is or isn’t!

3. Great Location

Commuting to work or school every morning can become a nightmare if you don’t choose the location of your apartment wisely. You may save a bit of money moving away from the city, but it’s also money you will need to spend on transportation costs every time you need to shop or go to work. It’s much better to consider the options near where you want to be, and only if you run out of potential places should you see other options.

4. Clean Units

You need to ask for a tour before filling out an application form and see one of the actual apartment units. Many apartment complexes post their best units on their online site and brochure, only to fall miserably short of expectations when you move in. Make sure to look at the quality of built-in furnishings, whether the sinks and toilets are serviceable as well as the condition of the paint job and carpeting.

5. Timely Maintenance

One of the perks of living in apartments in St Louis MO is that maintenance is responsible for taking care of problems that arise. If you unit has mold, peeling paint or a plumbing problem, maintenance will handle it! Of course, you need to know that the apartment you’re considering has a trustworthy crew that works in an effective and timely manner. Read reviews online, and you will probably get a good idea about the quality of maintenance.

Moving to a new place can be as exciting as it is nerve-racking. The fact remains that many people are solely led by pricing rather than the checklist above. At first glance, saving all the money you can is an ideal way to go, but it may also result in moving to a bad community with a management team that doesn’t care!